Lightsail Linux Anti bot script $39

Anti bot script automatically blocks abuser IP in your Amazon Lightsail Linux server, so you don't have to upgrade your resources to consider all that extra traffic that comes from scanning bots and script kiddies. Way more easier to install and configure than fail2ban.

Features: whitelist IPs, limit counter (example: only scan when requests>150), export log and signature check (detects SQL Injection, xmlrpc requests, etc)
How do you install Lightsail Anti bot?
1. Edit your whitelisted IPs (you can use wildcards).
2. Copy the script to your home folder /home/bitnami/ and assign execution permissions
3. Copy the keywords file to your home folder
4. Install a cron job to execute the script every X minutes (2 to 5 recommended) Example: */5 * * * * /home/bitnami/ >> /home/bitnami/antibotlog.txt 2>&1
Try the free version of antibot (blocks IPs according to the number of requests)